Preparing Washington’s coastal communities for change

Planning for climate change adaptation is one of the most complex—and urgent—challenges facing coastal communities nationwide. It’s also more of a marathon than a sprint, as the Padilla Bay reserve’s Coastal Training Program learned when it held a training on preparing for sea level rise. Participants needed more information than a one-day training could provide.


In response, the reserve partnered with the Washington Coastal Program’s Department of Ecology, the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, Washington Sea Grant, and NOAA to develop a suite of trainings and package them into the Climate Adaptation Series.


This series is helping participants address a range of needs related to climate change adaptation, including how to recognize changes in climate and their influence on coastal communities, identify opportunities to integrate adaptation strategies into their existing efforts, and examine methods for conducting hazard, vulnerability, and risk assessments. It also provides opportunities for local collaboration through discussion, participant activities, and incorporation of local speakers and examples.