How you can help

There are many opportunities for you to work with the National Estuarine Research Reserve System to support coastal communities and protect their environments for the future. Whether it is lending your voice, giving your time, making a donation, or becoming a Friend of a reserve, your help is invaluable and will make a difference. We look forward to having you become part of the growing community of people nationwide who are a part of the NERRS family!


Reserves belong to all of us and any reserve would welcome a visit from you. Find your local reserve, enjoy the beauty of the environments it protects, and learn how it supports your region. Find your local reserve


Around the country, reserves and their partners are working daily to make coastal environments and communities places where people can live in balance with nature for generations to come. Your generous contribution will help NERRA support reserves in achieving this goal. Give today


Ready to put your talents to good use? Fundraising, educating others about the reserves’ natural history and cultural value, joining a citizen science project, or helping out at a visitor's center—there many ways to help reserves and each site offers different opportunities to engage. As a volunteer, you’ll learn new skills, gain a deeper understanding of the environment, and develop personal relationships with people who share your interests and passion for coastal environments. No time? No problem! Consider becoming a contributing member of the Friends group: Find a reserve

Speak up

Joining your local reserve’s Friends group is a great way to educate yourself about the value of reserves and support their important work. For reserves to succeed, it’s also essential that elected officials at all levels of government understand the value of the system and know that its success is important to you personally. Here are some other tips for becoming an effective advocate of the reserves: Get tips