Hurricane Recovery: Help Our Reserves Heal

Together, we have raised more than $6,000 to help National Estuarine Research Reserves impacted by hurricanes this season.


Some of these funds are providing the basic support that Jobos Bay Reserve staff and their families need to survive in post-Maria Puerto Rico. Thanks to your generosity, they are being protected now so they will be able to do the important work of rebuilding in the future.


When Harvey struck our Texas Reserve, we did not imagine that Irma would wreak havoc at the Rookery Bay Reserve in Florida, or that Maria would eventually devastate Jobos Bay. Nate has left our Mississippi reserve with only minor damage, and for that we count our blessings. However, we know that hurricane season is not over and we have yet to fully understand the impacts of the storms we’ve endured.


Please consider a financial contribution today. NERRA will continue to work closely with each impacted reserve and our NOAA partners to ensure that 100% of your contributions go to filling a critical need that cannot be met by insurance or federal assistance. If you would like to earmark your gift to go to a particular reserve, just let us know through “special instructions” on PayPal.


You can help. We can help. Please give today.