My Reserve, Our Coasts

Reserves support local economies

Thank you to everyone who has supported the My Reserve Our Coasts campaign this year. We’ve asked a lot since February, and consistently, you have stepped up to help. As a result of your continued hard work, support for the NERRS has strengthened in Congress.

Now we are in the home stretch. The final campaign push for the year is focused on raising the voices of all businesses that support our sites so Congress can hear them. Between now and mid-December, we are asking reserves and friends groups to encourage businesses to sign a letter of support for their local reserve. Being able to demonstrate this support is essential to NERRA’s work to educate Congress and the Administration about the value of our national system.

Many thanks to those who have already secured support from local businesses. We are sharing this with congressional offices. In December, NERRA will join forces with other non governmental organizations from coast and ocean management to create a list of all the businesses that support our programs. Together, we will send a powerful message that programs like ours are an indispensable part of coastal economies.

And here are some other things you can do…

1. Keep updated on the budget process HERE.

2. Watch & share this video

3. Join a Reserve Friends’ Group

4. Sign up or NERRA’s newsletter: We’ll keep you updated on NERRA’s efforts to support reserves and share good news from around our national system of 29 reserves.