My Reserve, Our Coasts Campaign: June Update

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July 10, 2017

Since the start of the My Reserve, Our Coasts campaign, the Friends of Rookery Bay Reserve have not only stepped up to the challenge, they’ve jumped high.

Under Executive Director Gary Lytton’s leadership, this 500-member group has rallied incredible support, encouraged media coverage, held a successful legislative day, and created this awesome video showing local business support for the reserve. Their petition had generated more than 1,350 signatures when the Friends delivered it to local congressional offices. Hundreds of people also expressed their concern with personal messages to Congressional representatives. The group maintains a call to action web page that provides supporters with everything they need to speak up on behalf of Rookery Bay.

Advocacy isn’t easy and it can feel endless, but all star friends make it seem like a lay up. Many thanks from NERRA to this special group of dedicated volunteers. Maybe they are inspired by the magic of the place—have you seen the amazing wildlife camera footage they’ve been sharing on Facebook? There’s panthers and bears and alligators….Oh my!


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