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December 19, 2017

Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government open and funded at roughly FY17 levels until December 22. While the Government will stay open for now, House and Senate appropriators and leadership need to hammer out final FY18 funding for NOAA (and everything else) by December 22nd or pass another budget extension resolution.  

On November 17th, the Trump Administration proposed supplemental appropriations to provide $44 billion in funding for a variety of federal programs in response to recent natural disasters.  Of the $44 billion, he proposes that NOAA receive $79.6 million, including $13 million for repair and replacement of facilities and equipment damaged by the hurricanes. As with any administration funding proposal, Congress will review it and proceed with a bill to include disaster relief funding.

Just in—on December 18th, the House and Senate  introduced supplemental bills to provide support.  The House bill would deliver $120 million for NOAA, which includes $12.9 million for repair and replacement, among other things.  The Senate bill details were not available yet. As this process unfolds, NERRA will continue to advocate for supplemental funds to assist our reserves that incurred damage during this season’s storms.

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