I Heart, You Heart, We All Heart Estuaries!

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February 2, 2018


Watch this blast of estuary love  from the Apalachicola Bay Charter School fifth graders; it will inspire you to show that you heart estuaries this month! Video courtesy of the Apalachicola Reserve.

Calling all reserve lovers, coastal cupids, and estuary admirers! The time has come to shine your love for your estuary across social media—it’s #iheartestuaries. Now in its sixth year, this three-day, social media extravaganza is an easy way to demonstrate your support for your reserve, the NERRS, and other coastal programs to Congress and the administration.

From February 12th–14th, NERRA needs your help to unleash a “Twitter Storm” and “Facebook Frenzy” that gets noticed by Congress. Details on how you can help, including sample posts and tweets, are all included in the I Heart FAQ sheet. Feel free to use our IMAGES FOLDER. Get creative, have fun, and encourage friends and family to join. The only rule: be sure you use the hashtag #iheartestuaries in each and every post so that we can track how much estuary love there really is out there.

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