My Reserve, Our Coasts Campaign Update

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August 6, 2017


July was a milestone month for NERRS Program support. The Senate Appropriations Committee marked its bill at $25 million for NERRS Operations and $1.9 million for NERRS PAC and the House Appropriations Committee marked its bill at $23.5 million for Operations and $1.9 million for NERRS PAC. In the months to come, NERRA will focus on House and Senate appropriations conference work and request that any omnibus or appropriations bill that moves forward uses the Senate report numbers.

We are deeply grateful to the Members of Congress and the thousands of reserve staff, friends, and partners who stepped up to help make this happen. This could never have happened without you. But it’s far from over. There is quite a road between now and when the White House and Congress ultimately pass a budget. During this time, NERRA will continue its efforts to reach out to our friends in the business community to add the name of their business to the list of those around the country that support and benefit from their local reserve.

Short videos are such important tools to communicate how much businesses and other groups value reserves. Whether you are a bonafide “videophile” or you love to shoot short clips on your iPhones, we encourage you to put that to work for reserves. If you are a member of a friends group or are a reserve staffer and interested in sharpening your video skills, please mark your calendars for a skill building webinar at 2 pm on August 24th. We’ll be sharing signup information soon.

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