My Reserve, Our Coasts Update

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September 13, 2017

Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Reserve.


NERRA is adapting the My Reserve, Our Coasts campaign to respond to changes Congress may make in appropriations and supplemental spending bills in September and October. While we have broadened our focus to assist with reserve recovery funding related to Harvey and Irma, the push is still on to get businesses to show their support for the NERRS. It’s important that we continue to raise the visibility of the businesses that benefit from reserves, and in turn, benefit state and local economies.   

A big thanks to the many friends and foundation groups around the country who have encouraged local businesses to add their name(s) to a growing list of NERRS supporters. It is not too late to participate! As the federal fiscal year closes, NERRA will continue its work with friends and foundation partners to reach out to our friends in the business community. The new deadline for business interests to sign on to show their support is the end of September.

On other fronts, NERRA intends to work with Jace Tunnell from our Mission-Aransas Reserve to reschedule the training to create short videos that can be used as tools to communicate how much businesses and other groups value reserves. Stay tuned!

On September 13, 2017 / My Reserve, Our Coasts
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