NERRS in the News: July 2017

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July 10, 2017

Going Up? Hudson River Reserve’s “Eelavator” Gives Eels a lift

Eels live in almost every aquatic habitat—from mountain streams to farm ponds, city creeks to estuaries and the vast oceans. “We talk about the connectedness of water systems; eels are that connection,” says Hudson River Reserve Educator Chris Bowser. Read how Chris is working with Cornell University and an army of dedicated volunteers to give American eels “a lift” on their journey from the Sargasso Sea into East Coast rivers.

Kachemak Bay Reserve: Fact Finding on Fish Farming

For nearly four years, the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association has tried to move a majority of its net pens from Alaska’s Tutka Bay Lagoon to the head of the bay. This hotly debated issue has led to packed community meetings and questions about the impact of raising up to 10 million pink salmon in the area. To help address these questions, the Association has contracted the Kachemak Bay Reserve. Reserve Biologist Steve Baird is leading the study, which focuses primarily on assessing zooplankton populations in the area. Read more >

Wells Reserve: Do People Make the Place, or Does the Place Make the People?

Maybe it’s a little of both. We are so inspired by recent news about the people who power the Wells reserve in Maine. In June, reserve friend and volunteer Betsy Smith was honored by the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment with a 2017 Visionary Award, and Maine Magazine is taking note of Laudholm Trust President Nik Charov’s entrepreneurial approach to mixing art and science to build appreciation for coastal environments.

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