NOAA Releases SWMP Study

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September 13, 2017

Research scientist Byron Toothman switches out a water quality sonde in North Carolina, where NERRS SWMP data is a “renewable resource” for education and research. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Reserve.


NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management recently released the results of a needs assessment exploring how NERRS System-wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) data can better address coastal and estuarine management questions. The study determined that the top three management priorities identified—water quality, habitat, and climate—are consistent with SWMP’s focus.

The study also found that the most important types of SWMP data for addressing priority management needs are precipitation, percent cover and density of vegetation species, dissolved oxygen, salinity, water temperature, turbidity, pH, wind speed and direction, and chlorophyll. Read more about these findings and others in this report—feel free to share with your partners!

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