National Estuarine Research Reserves Protect People & Places

36,000 Heroes

who support Reserves and their mission

42 Million Data Points

Tracking water quality, habitat health, storm damage, and more every year

1.3+ Million Acres

protected, natural lands along the coast

Find Your Reserve

Somewhere in the 1.3+ million acres of mangroves, marshes, beaches, fields, and forests protected by the National Estuarine Research Reserve System there is a place for you. Visit your Reserve, enjoy the natural beauty it protects, and learn how it supports you, your community, and our coasts.

What’s Happening at Our Reserves?

DC Download: June 22

DC Download: June 22

Congress is hard at work on updates to our 50-year-old Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA). With an eye to educating members of Congress about what your Reserve and the System do for your community, please consider how you can promote your work.

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Reserves and their friends groups rely on NERRA to help enhance successful programs, strengthen the network, and enable reserves to better address challenges to our nation’s estuaries, coasts, and communities. NERRA communicates the funding needs and priorities of Reserves to Congress and federal agencies and educates the general public about the importance of estuaries and coasts.