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With nearly $1k in the 50/50 NERRA 2021 Raffle kitty AND it being so close to the holidays, we thought we’d let the pot grow a bit (along with our waistlines).  The raffle is open until midnight (Hawai’i Time) on December 20. We’ll announce a random winner on the winter solstice to bring a little extra light into the darkest day of the year. C’mon, NERRds—who wants a holiday bonus?

2021 Annual Meeting

Nov 29, 2021 | NERRS Annual Meeting, Reserves

Across the country, Reserve staff, friends, and fans gathered for our second fully virtual NERRS/NERRA Annual Meeting this month. Virtual or not, we’re still basking in the after glow that comes from spending so much time with other NERRds.

There is such a long list of people to thank for making this meeting such a special event, but above all—thank YOU. This meeting wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions—and the contributions from people from across the System.

Thank You, Plenary Speakers

Our plenary speakers—Dr. Rick Spinrad, Brenda Mallory, Dr. Rick Bennett, and Eva DiDonato—inspired us with their eloquence and vision for climate science; mitigation and resilience; conservation of 30% of the nation’s lands and waters by 2030; and the advancement of racial equity and support for underserved communities.

Thank You, Estuary Heroes

There is no shortage of people in the NERRS doing extraordinary work. This year, we were happy to honor three NERRds who inspire us.

NERRS-NERRA Award for Outstanding Contribution: Jeff Carter, stewardship coordinator at the Rookery Bay Reserve

For 13 years, Jeff’s infectious enthusiasm and authentic joy for people and the work we do has strengthened and enriched partnerships at Rookery Bay and across the System.

NERRS-NERRA Award for Outstanding Contribution: Lisa Auermuller, assistant manager at the Jacques Cousteau Reserve

A recognized leader in climate resilience,
Lisa is always thinking about how to
make things better. She is, quite simply, the best partner anyone could have. 

Nate Herold, physical scientist with NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management: Technical Assistance Award

A whiz with remote sensing, digital imagery analysis, and GIS, Nate goes above and beyond to promote the translation and communication of NERRS data to benefit coastal communities nationwide.

You, Cinephiles

Many of you joined us on Facebook Live for the eighth NERRS Annual Filmfest. If you couldn’t make it, you can still watch the films on NERRA’s Youtube. Which is an awesome opportunity to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, while you’re at it 😉

Congratulations to the Mission-Aransas Reserve for their winning video, The Great Gulf Nurdle Expedition! And to the Jacques Cousteau Reserve for winning a DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo drone, compliments of NERRA and Roca Communications in the NERRS Filmfest Raffle

These videos help forge a connection to the amazing places and programs that are the NERRS.

… and thank You, Auction Team.

Going once, going twice and…SOLD! Kudos to this year’s ‘Bidding Bunch’ for finding ways to make our second annual auction fun, despite the distance. None of it would have been possible without our amazing donors, auctioneers, and of course, bidders.

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NERRS Annual Meeting2021 Annual Meeting