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Advancing the Science: NERRS Research

Jan 20, 2018 | Healthy Habitats, Jacques Cousteau, New Jersey, Mission-Aransas, Texas

Thanks to Miriam Sutton for this photo of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Research Reserve.

The January 2018 edition of Estuaries and Coasts highlighted NERRS research with a special section: “The National Estuarine Research Reserve System: An Integrated Network of Research and Monitoring Sites Supporting Coastal Zone Management.”

The seven articles in this special section paint a compelling picture of the breadth and importance of reserve research, from the effects of hypoxia on fish growth and oyster survival in California to the relationship between shrimp and water quality and weather in South Carolina.

Congratulations to guest editors Mike Kennish (New Jersey’s Jacques Cousteau Reserve) and Ed Buskey (Texas’ Mission-Aransas Reserve) and to all the reserve authors whose research is highlighted in this edition of the journal and collectively, shows the value of our national system. You do us proud.

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