Earth Day Retrospective

Last week, Reserves around the country celebrated Earth Day. We love to see people coming together for Earth Day at Reserves—It’s been a long two years, hasn’t it?

Reserves Ready to Keep Tabs on HABs

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are a perennial threat to public health and coastal economies dependent on fishing and tourism. A new study has positioned the NERRS System-Wide Monitoring Program to support algal bloom research, management, and education through enhanced chlorophyll monitoring.

Talk NERRdy to Me: Sebastian Mejia

This month, NERRA’s correspondent-at-large Nik Charov interviewed Sebastian Mejia, Stewardship Coordinator at the Old Woman Creek Reserve in Ohio. They discussed the parallels between invasive species control and the Public Health Crisis That Shall Not Be Named, the real roots of stewardship, and creeks for Young Men, too.

Author: Dolores