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Capitol Hill Coast Day Highlights

Mar 20, 2019 | Elkhorn Slough, California, Reserves

NERRA and friends engaged congressional staff, Senators, and Representatives at Capitol Hill Coast Day 2019. From left to right: Steve Goldbeck, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission; Dave Feliz, manager at Elkhorn Slough Reserve; Congressman Jimmy Panetta (CA); and Jack Ainsworth, Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission.

NERRA was out in force on March 13 for Capitol Hill Coast Day 2019!

They took their message to the Hill, where they were met by engaged congressional staff, and in some meetings, their Senators or Representatives. In all instances, they were greeted warmly and able to share stories of  work in their community and their vision for furthering resilience back at home.

Luckily for the NERRA Board Members who visited the Hill that day, Reserve friends from around the country had already started the conversation. For weeks, letters had been pouring into congressional offices, letting them know how important Reserves are in their states. All of the offices that received these messages let NERRA board members know how much they appreciated hearing from the folks “back at home.”

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ReservesElkhorn Slough, CaliforniaCapitol Hill Coast Day Highlights