DC Download: March 2023

With 84 new members in Congress, education is key. We thank the NERRA Board and all friends for continuing to share what happens at Reserves with members of Congress.

DC Download: January 2023

The Reserve System, and the thousands who support it, is a constant force for positive change—and it’s growing. In support of this, NERRA’s request for the NERRS FY 2024 budget is $47M for operations (ORF) and $10M for PAC.

DC Download: December 2022

A budget is a statement of what you value, and we appreciate that the 117th Congress is ending its session with a budget that is poised to increase the NERRS Operation by 9% and PAC funds by 31%.

DC Download: October 2022

Even though a new federal fiscal year (FY 2024) began on October first, Congress is still working to pass a budget for FY 2023. The continuing resolution that governs FY 2023 spending will expire on December 15th. 

DC Download: September 2022

Thank you to everyone who made National Estuaries Week such a success! Your enthusiasm was reflected in the House and the Senate, which passed National Estuaries Week resolutions this month.

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