Can they have it all?

Around Chesapeake Bay, just about everyone agrees: oysters are tasty and seagrass is important. But there’s a hitch—these equally beloved resources thrive in the same places. But what if the same spot could support both?

DC Download: July 2022

FY 2023 budgets are working their way through Congress. The House Appropriations Subcommittee marked the NERRS Operations Research, and Facilities (ORF) budget at a $1.5M increase over FY 2022 and the NERRS Procurement, Acquisition, and Construction at a $1M increase over FY 2022.

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This year’s NERRS annual FilmFest will be in honor of our first in-person annual meeting after three long years! There will be prizes, a viewing party, and NERRS/NERRA microfame on NERRA’s Youtube channel!