Connect to Protect

An acre a day. That’s how quickly natural lands are being lost in New Hampshire’s coastal watershed due to development. To help protect these places for the future, the Great Bay Reserve …

DC Download: January 2023

The Reserve System, and the thousands who support it, is a constant force for positive change—and it’s growing. In support of this, NERRA’s request for the NERRS FY 2024 budget is $47M for operations (ORF) and $10M for PAC.

Nurdle Patrol is Growing

When Wyvette Robinson heard about the Mission-Aransas Reserve’s Nurdle Patrol on Facebook, she was intrigued. Not only is plastic pollution a big deal for her organization, any opportunity to share new education tools and resources with Mississippi teachers and students gets her “pumped.”

Keeping Wetland Carbon in the Bank

Wetlands are custodians of a greenhouse gas heavyweight—methane. Understanding which types of wetlands emit methane, where they are, and whether these emissions are natural or caused by people is critical information …