Cindy Dabrowski Kennie

Director of Operations

Cindy Dabrowski Kennie is the director of operations for the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association. She manages a range of system-wide initiatives, including the annual meeting and the reserves’ Friends and Foundations Network.

Cindy has worked for more than 20 years in the environmental sector, most recently as partner and co-owner of an environmental consulting firm. She has been involved with the reserves since 2005, when she joined the team at the Wells reserve to support planning and grant writing and to serve on the Board of Directors for the Laudholm Trust, the Wells reserve’s non-profit partner.

Cindy has a Master of Science Degree in Resource Administration and Management from the University of New Hampshire and a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. She is a native of New England and lives with her family on the beautiful Maine coast.

Phone: 207-205-5758

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