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National Estuarine Research Reserve Association
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NERRA's FY2023 Appropriations  Strategy Summary provides guidance and tools to help you particape in our efforts to educate Congress about the value and impact of our Reserves. Primarily for NERRA managers, but helpful information for anyone. 

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Tools for Friends & Foundations


Time to Support the NERRS FY 2023 Budget

1. Please review NERRA's appropriations strategy for NERRS FY 2023 funding. All the basic tools you need to join other Reserves and friends groups i
n supporting the NERRS budget.

2. Plan to join one of two DC 101 webinars:  February 28 or March 4, both from 2:00–3:30 pm EST. (Zoom info linked to dates). If you can’t make either one, please contact Rebecca and she will schedule a call. 

New national maps for System expansion and existing Reserves.

Questions? Contact Rebecca Roth.

Engaging Congress

  • FY2023 Funding Request: a summary of the NERRS Appropriations Request for NERRS funding. Can also be used to inform important partners.
  • 2022 legislative Tracker: Regularly updated spreadsheet with names, emails, phone numbers, and social media handles of congressional staff. These are the people to contact in your representative’s office.
  • FY2022 Appropriations Strategy Summary: Overview of NERRA’s 2019 strategies, with easy access to guidance for each strategy. Primarily for NERRA Board members, but helpful for anyone. Will be updated for 2022 by mid February.
  • Letter Template: Resource that anyone can use to rally support from local Reserve friends and fans to support the NERRS funding request.Will be updated for 2022 by mid February.
  • National impact statement templates: Among the most useful tools NERRA has for congressional outreach! New national impact statement and state level template coming soon.
  • NERRS Messaging: Guidance for developing talking points for the FY2020 Appropriations Request, NERRS pillar messages (always true), and other tips for getting comfortable talking about your Reserve and the NERRS.

  • NERRA business card templates (InDesign and pdf) and print ready thank you cards to put that extra polish on your visit.
  • Tips for hosting a legislative event at your Reserve. Nothing creates a better emotional connection than an in-person visit.

Supporting NERRA's Social Media Campaigns

  • I Heart Estuaries: Please plan to join us for this social media estuary lovefest! Your display of public affection is a timely, important reminder to elected officials of how important estuaries are to their constituents. This year, the campaign runs from 2/11 through 2/14, and we want you to join in. We’ve created this guidance to help you coordinate with your fellows and participate in the campaignto learn more. Questions? Let us know at and
  • Season of Gratitude: This December/January campaign is designed to capture Congressional attention as the next appropriations season heats up. The 21/22 strategy is laid out here. It gives you all the tools you need to get started.
  • National Estuaries Week: Every September, NERRA teams up with national partners to promote and celebrate estuaries and raise awareness of these special places.  This includes a social media campaign that we invite all Reserves and Friends groups to join. (This year's theme: estuaries are places for everyone to explore and protect. (We also encourage Reserves to organize events at their Reserves. Here's guidance on how you and your Reserve can participate this year!

  • NERRS Road Trip! 2021 was the “year of the road trip,” and NERRA is celebrating with a virtual road trip (on social media) to every Reserve in our System. Every week, the campaign will feature different sites on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our request to you 1) Follow the campaign on social media (#nerrsroadtrip) and 2) when NERRA comes to your Reserve share two posts: one that welcomes NERRA and another that invites your members of congress to pay a visit. More details are in the campaign guidance.
  • Social Media: NERRA maintains an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. You are welcome to use content from these platforms to support outreach for your Reserve or a NERRA campaign. Likewise, we are always looking for content that communicates your good work. If you have a great story, an awesome video, or a terrific photo, please share it with us at

Communications tools

NERRA & Disaster Response

  • NERRA's Disaster Response Plan: An evolving document that describes NERRA's role and objectives with regard to supporting Reserves when a distaster hits.
  • NERRS Distaster Communications Chain: Created to faciliate communication between NOAA, NERRA, the NERRS, and Reserves impacted by a disaster. Contains an overview of the process and contact information (updated at least annually).
  • Batten Down the Hatches: An evolving list of ideas for ways that Reserve friends groups and foundations can pull together to support a Reserve impacted by disaster.
  • Have thoughts about any of these toools? Send an email to
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