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DC Comes to Kachemak Bay

Oct 9, 2019 | Congressional Champions, Kachemak Bay, Alaska, Reserves

Amy Kirkland, Sea Grant Fellow to Senator Lisa Murkowski, got some firsthand experience with electrofishing & juvenile salmon on her recent visit to Kachemak Bay Reserve.

Senator Lisa Murkowski’s Sea Grant Fellow, Amy Kirkland, paid a visit to the Kachemak Bay Reserve last week. On hand to greet her were Reserve staff and members of the Kachemak Bay Community Council.

Together, the group took Amy on a tour of the KBNERR Harmful Species program, which monitors the bay for harmful invasives and toxic algae blooms that impact recreational shellfish harvesting and the Alaskan shellfish industry, valued at $12.8 billion annually.

They also visited a headwater stream where Reserve staff, along with members of the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, were able to showcase Reserve research and support work for juvenile salmon.

Amy jumped right in (literally) to help with some electrofishing, and got to see the baby salmon up close. She was pretty sure Senator Murkowski would have enjoyed the experience!

Kudos to Kachemak Bay staff and friends, who were able to express their gratitude for Senator Murkowski’s ongoing support of the NERRS and share how that support makes a difference for Alaska’s human and ecological communities. 

Thank you Amy, for making the very long trek, and thank you Senator Murkowski!

Amy inspects juvenile salmon alongside KBNERR manager Coowe Walker.

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Congressional ChampionsDC Comes to Kachemak Bay