DC Download: April 2022

Apr 26, 2022

The President’s FY 2023 budget proposes to cut NERRS operation funding by $1.2M (to $28.5M) and cut PAC by $2M (to $4.5M).

*NERRA’s request would be an increase above the FY’22 enacted budget by $12.8M for ORF and $3.5M for PAC.


The President’s FY 2023 budget is now in the hands of Congress, and it is up to us to get the funding increases needed for the NERRS. Despite system and programmatic growth and increasing appreciation for Reserves, the NERRS budgets for OPS and PAC cannot be left to chance.

All of this brings to mind the words of the late Peter Douglas: The coast is never safe; it’s always being saved. A fierce advocate for the coasts, Douglas articulated what we know to be true. The work of protecting the coasts and speaking up for the places we love—and programs like the NERRS—is never done.

The President’s proposed budget (if adopted by Congress) would significantly impact the operations and effectiveness of each Reserve. We must take every opportunity to help members of Congress understand why the FY 2023 budget proposed by NERRA is necessary to sustain our System and grow it in a way that most benefits coastal communities.

We ask that you redouble your efforts to contact your delegation this spring—whether it’s by call, email, social post, or in person. We’ve created this Budget Impact Statement to support your outreach, and this infographic to show how NERRA’s proposed budget will help meet local and national needs.

If you have questions or thoughts, please contact Rebecca Roth at roth@nerra.org.

NERRA is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Coastal Zone Management Act—the legislation that led to the creation of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. Want more Reserve stories delivered to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter.

DC DownloadDC Download: April 2022