DC Download: August 2023

Aug 31, 2023

Congressional staff visit Reserves! Earlier this month, nine House staff members and Knauss Fellows visited the Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Virginia to see their monitoring, restoration, research, and community engagement first hand. On the other side of the country, House and Senate Staff members joined the NOAA Administrator at Washington’s Padilla Bay Reserve to learn about the place, but also the recently-funded Bipartisan Infrastructure project underway there. For both visits, Reserve staff were joined by their Coastal Zone Management Program colleagues, underscoring the essential nature of partnerships in managing the coasts.

While Congress takes its break, NERRA is pleased to hear that friends groups around the country are hosting and thanking members of their congressional delegation for their funding support of the NERRS. Way to go Friends of Lake Superior! With the break lasting through Labor Day, we encourage everyone to invite members of your congressional delegation to visit your Reserve (and don’t forget their local staff!). There is no greater way to spread the love for Reserves than experiencing them in person. Thanks for all you do.

Dr. Willy Reay, Director of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Reserve, educates congressional staff.

Senate staff members at Washington’s Padilla Bay Reserve.

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DC DownloadDC Download: August 2023