DC Download: February 2023

Feb 23, 2023

Thank you to all the Reserve friends and partners around the country who came together to make the #IHeartEstuaries social media campaign such a success. Your many posts, pictures, and videos rolled up into one big message to Congress: the estuaries Reserves protect are close to our hearts. 

In the new 118th Congress, NERRA and our partners at RAE and ANEP are excited for the reignition of the Congressional Estuaries Caucus led by Representatives Bonamici (OR), Posey (FL), Larsen (WA), and Mast (FL). This Caucus will be instrumental in continuing to educate congressional members about the importance of estuaries and the work done by Reserves and our partners.

Next month, the NERRA Board will be in DC, and any of us will have the opportunity to talk with congressional members about how Reserves serve and engage with surrounding communities in dealing with climate change. Additionally, they will share the NERRA funding request for the NERRS FY 2024 budget: $47M for operations (ORF) and $10M for PAC. Increased funding is critical now more than ever as we prepare to welcome the Atchafalaya Reserve in Louisiana and the Bay of Green Bay Reserve in Wisconsin.

We urge all friends and partners to let Congress know how important it is to provide increased funds for the NERRS. It is more important than ever that the NERRS budget grows to match the needs of our System, its programs, and our communities.

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DC DownloadDC Download: February 2023