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DC Download: July 2021

Jul 29, 2021 | DC Download, Reserves

The House Appropriations Committee passed their FY2022 appropriations bill on July 15th. It included $30.5M for NERRS Operations (a $2M increase from FY2021) and $4M for NERRS PAC (a $500k decrease from FY2021). The bill’s report endorsed the NERRS, saying, “The Committee strongly supports this important partnership between NOAA and the coastal States and territories that protects and studies estuarine systems and encourages the continued expansion of the network.”

In August, members of Congress will return to their home states and districts to meet with constituents. This annual recess (8/2 through 8/20) is a critical time for Reserves and Friends to demonstrate the value and significance of our special places. NERRA urges every Reserve and Friend group to make a personal invitation to members and staff of their congressional delegations during this recess period.

Just ahead, it is expected that the Senate will take up their appropriations bill after the August recess, and NERRA will again ask for your help in pushing for funding support for the NERRS. Thank you for all you do.

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DC DownloadDC Download: July 2021