DC Download: May 2024

May 2, 2024

From left: Jainey Bavishi, NOAA deputy administrator; Rachael Hamilton, NOAA Coastal Fellow for the Maine Coastal Program; Congresswoman Chellie Pingree; Helen Cheng, NERRS/NOAA Margaret A. Davidson graduate research fellow for the Wells Reserve; and Arati Prabhakar, White House Office of Science and Technology policy director.

Now is the time to tell your members of Congress to support funding for America’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System! Your elected officials are working on the FY 2025 budgets for programs like the NERRS that are subject to discretionary spending. The deadline to submit their funding requests for these programs to the appropriations committees is May 3rd for House members and May 9th for senators.

Please act today! A short, simple email (really, that’s all they need) to encourage your congressional delegation to support NERRA’s request for the NERRS FY 2025 budget is all it takes to show your support at this critical time.

A big NERRA thank you to estuary champions Representatives Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) and Mike Levin (D-CA) for co-leading a letter of support to fund NERRS Operations (ORF), NERRS PAC, CZM Grants, and NOAA’s Office for Coastal Service. It was signed by 35 members and submitted to House Appropriators for support on May 1st. Please join NERRA in thanking all who signed!

NERRA President Mike De Luca, manager of the Jacques Cousteau Reserve in New Jersey, submitted written public testimony to the House and Senate Appropriation Subcommittees. 

NERRA joined NOAA and the Wells Reserve when DC VIPs came to Maine on Earth Day to meet with community representatives and NERRS and Coastal Fellows and to also event celebrate $123 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding to support Reserves and Coastal Zone Management programs as they work to increase community resilience to climate change and extreme weather.

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