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DC Download: November 2021

Nov 30, 2021 | DC Download, Reserves

Thank you to President Biden for signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law and to our members of Congress for their bipartisan work and support. This means $77 million for NERRS restoration and conservation over five years—that’s roughly $15 million per year!

Independent of this, the House and Senate are in conference to reconcile FY 2022 funding. Translation? They are working to reach agreement on the NERRS Operations and PAC budgets that get awarded to each Reserve in summer (or fall) of 2022.

NERRA’s goal for the conference committee is to agree to the higher funding amounts in the Senate’s proposed bill. Here is a simple breakdown of where they currently stand:

In addition, NERRA is asking the conference committee to waive the state match normally required when federal funds for PAC projects are received in FY 2022. These funds typically support construction, facilities upgrades, and acquisition of land.

NERRA acknowledges its many board members, along with Reserve friends groups and foundations around the country, who sent emails or letters to support this request, including, Friends of Old Woman Creek Reserve, Friends of Padilla Bay Reserve, Otter Point Creek Alliance, Kachemak Bay Council, Laudholm Farm Trust, and Friends of Rookery Bay.

Next Steps? Congress has until this Friday, 12/3, to either pass the appropriations bill or a second continuing resolution to continue their work on FY 2022 budget. Once the reconciled bill is approved by both the Senate and House, it is sent to the President to sign into law.

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DC DownloadDC Download: November 2021