DC Download: October 2022

Oct 20, 2022

Even though a new federal fiscal year (FY 2024) began on October first, Congress is still working to pass a budget for FY 2023. The continuing resolution that governs FY 2023 spending will expire on December 15th. 

What does this mean for federal funding for our Reserves? The annual NERRS Operation award that each Reserve will receive in 2023 has yet to be determined as it is dependent on the final FY 2023 budget. (Depending on the state funding cycle for your Reserve, this funding will start in summer or fall of 2023.)

This also means that NERRA—and the NERRS friends and foundation network—must continue to raise our collective voices to request our members of Congress pass an FY 2023 budget consistent with NERRA’s funding request. Our Reserves need this level of funding to respond to the pressures of extreme weather and inflation. Need some inspiration for your congressional outreach? Check out NERRA’s budget allocation breakdown and national impact statement. Thank you, all, for everything you do to support our Reserves.

NERRA is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Coastal Zone Management Act—the legislation that led to the creation of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. Want more Reserve stories delivered to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter.

DC DownloadDC Download: October 2022