Estuaries Week 2021

September 18-25

About Estuaries Week

Every year, NERRA joins with Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE), the Association of National Estuary Programs, NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management (NOAA OCM), and many other nonprofit and government groups to promote National Estuaries Week on a broad scale.

This celebration builds support for estuaries as cherished places and raises awareness of the many benefits they bring to communities.

Estuaries Week is an opportunity to encourage Reserve staff, friends, and fans to celebrate and show off your Reserve. This year, we hope you invite friends, colleagues, and neighbors to experience what an amazing place your estuary is and why you love it!

Explore & Protect 

National Estuaries Week 2021 is  September 18th to the 25th. Please join us as we safely celebrate these places we love.

Start by checking with your Reserve to see what they are planning. In early September, visit the event map at Restore America’s Estuaries to see what’s happening in other parts of the country and join in.

If you are a Reserve staff member or friend, visit members only for guidance on planning and promoting events.

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Estuaries Week