How to get involved?

There Are So Many Ways

Whether it’s giving your time, making a donation, or joining your Reserve’s friends group, you can make a difference. On a national level, you can support the NERRS budget in Congress and participate in one of NERRA’s social media campaigns.

Please add your voice to the thousands who support the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s annual budget in Congress! You know the value of your Reserve. It’s more than a more than a living laboratory for research and monitoring. Your Reserve is a place to hike and fish, hunt or paddle, watch wildlife or simply be. As part of your community, it supports the economy, provides data and training to manage local lands and waters, and offers science eduction and outdoor learning to thousands of educators and students.

The FY 2025 federal budgeting process is underway, and your elected officials need to hear directly from you how much you value your Reserve. Please join NERRA in urging your Members of Congress to invest in your Reserve and in the entire System at no less than $47 million for NERRS operations and $10 million for NERRS infrastructure.

Please take a moment to share NERRA’s FY 2025 Funding Request for the NERRS with your members of Congress. It could not be easier to show your support. A simple email or letter with a few sentences expressing your support is all it takes.

Wade In to NEW!

Every September, the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA) joins with Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE), the Association of National Estuary Programs (ANEP), NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management (NOAA OCM), and others to celebrate National Estuaries Week (NEW).

NERRA’s goal for NEW is to raise awareness of the importance of estuaries by encouraging people to visit their Reserve, enjoy the beautiful lands and waters, and learn about the many benefits that estuaries provide. We also promote NEW and its activities in Congress, so our congressional members are aware of how much people value and enjoy the places Reserves protect.

This year’s theme is Wade In! We encourage people to visit, enjoy, learn about, and protect our amazing estuaries—and maybe get a little muddy in the process. Please plan to join us September 21-28, 2024 in this annual celebration of the estuaries we love and work so hard to protect.

Work at a Reserve? Start planning your NEW activities today! Here is some guidance from 2023 to help you promote the NEW celebration and your Reserve’s activities on social media. Stay tuned for updated info in summer 2024!

Friend of a Reserve? Check with your Reserve to see what they’re planning and see how you can help.

How About You?

Attention all Reserve lovers, coastal cupids, and estuary admirers! I Heart Estuaries is a four-day, social media extravaganza that happens every February. Over the four days, we demonstrate our support for estuaries, our Reserves, and other coastal programs to Congress. Check out our #IHeartEstuaries Guidance to learn more. It’s an easy way to show your support. 

Students at the Apalachicola Reserve getting excited for the 2022 campaign.

Want to wear your NERRd heart on your sleeve? (Or on a sticker? A mask? A reusable water bottle? A laptop case?) Purchase a piece NERRA’s custom NERRdy swag and the proceeds will go to helping NERRA support Reserves. Shop now.

Get Involved