Getting to Resilience in New Jersey

Dec 2, 2018 | Jacques Cousteau, New Jersey, Prepared Communities

We were pleased (but not surprised) to see the Jacques Cousteau Reserve-led Getting to Resilience community planning tool cited in the Northeast Chapter of the National Climate Assessment.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Reserve emerged as a trusted resource for the state’s communities as they adapt to a changing climate.  

Jacques Cousteau’s strong partnerships with local communities, state agencies, and NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management positioned it well to put federal adaptation tools and decision support frameworks to work for the state. Since the Getting to Resilience technical assistance project launched in 2013, almost 60 New Jersey communities have put it to work as they seek to reduce vulnerability and increase preparedness through planning, mitigation, and adaptation.

“This process not only helps communities enhance their preparedness for extreme storms and flooding, it can be worth valuable points through FEMA’s Community Rating System and Sustainable Jersey,” says Lisa Auermuller, assistant manager and coastal training program coordinator for the Jacques Cousteau Reserve. “The JC NERR resilience team has served as a trusted source for the most up-to-date science and a neutrally facilitated process that brings municipal leaders together on these important issues in a format that likely would not have happened without our assistance.”

For example, the community of Perth Amboy’s strategic position at the opening of Raritan Bay has allowed the city to grow and flourish during its 300-year history. However, this exposure also puts the economically important waterfront at risk to flooding and storm damage. Urban development also creates flooding problems for the community. The city brought Jacques Cousteau staff in to facilitate the Getting to Resilience process to better inform decision making and planning as the community experiences a period of active revitalization and redevelopment.

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