Growing Up at South Slough

Dec 13, 2018 | Share your story, South Slough, Oregon

Photo courtesy Deborah Rudd, South Slough Reserve

My name is Luke Donaldson and I am from Coquille, Oregon. I have pretty much lived here all my life (14 years). As a volunteer at South Slough, I have helped with a little bit of everything: trail maintenance, bird watching, lamprey studies, restoration projects, workshops, kayak expeditions, front desk work, and other research projects.

My first experience at South Slough was as a toddler in 2005 participating in the Tide of the Toddlers program.  Once I was old enough I asked if there were volunteer opportunities that I could participate in as a teenager. I volunteer for the Reserve because I love being outdoors, learning about the estuary, and conservation.

For me the best part of volunteering is the field work and research. Personally, I feel I have had the biggest contribution to the lamprey study, where we caught and measured lamprey in the South Slough uplands.

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Photo courtesy Deborah Rudd, South Slough Reserve

Share your storyGrowing Up at South Slough