Happy 40th, Apalachicola & Elkhorn Slough!

Oct 9, 2019 | Apalachicola, Florida, Elkhorn Slough, California, Reserves, What We Work For

The sun sets on 40 years of Reserve success at Elkhorn Slough (left) and Apalachicola Reserve (right)! 

When you’re part of a big family, those happy birthdays just keep coming! Florida’s Apalachicola Reserve and California’s Elkhorn Slough Reserve are celebrating their 40th birthdays this fall. (We’re going to need more candles.)

Celebrate with Apalachicola…

Established in 1979, Apalachicola is the second-largest Reserve in our national system. Its 234,000 acres on Florida’s coast protect critical ecosystems and support local communities, including a fishing industry worth $16 million annually. Along with the Friends of the Reserve, we take such pride in Apalachicola’s many accomplishments, including preservation (check out the newly restored Marshall Field House), restoration, monitoring, community outreach, and education for thousands of schoolchildren. (Franklin county kids inspire us!) The Reserve is home to 109 plant and 54 animal species considered endangered, threatened, or of special concern, including the bald eagle and loggerhead sea turtle—it’s no wonder it is designated as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve!

Celebrate with Elkhorn Slough…

Also established in 1979, California’s Elkhorn Slough Reserve encompasses 1,439 acres of vital habitat around Monterey Bay. The first of California’s three Reserves, Elkhorn Slough protects vital habitat for sea lions, California sea otters (what a comeback!), harbor seals, and a rich variety of birds and other animals. The Reserve is a leader in large-scale restoration of local wetlands  and in national research initiatives to understand marsh resilience and the drivers behind it. Like all NERR sites, the Reserve is enriched by countless community members who transformed a series of “kitchen table conversations” into the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, a powerhouse partner for wetland conservation. In 2018,  Elkhorn Slough was recognized as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. It’s one of only 38 U.S. wetlands to receive this designation—glad the world recognizes what a treasure Elkhorn Slough Reserve is! (We knew it all along.) 

We’re looking forward to the incredible work our “twin” Reserves will do over their next 40 years—many happy returns!

ReservesApalachicola, FloridaHappy 40th, Apalachicola & Elkhorn Slough!