Honoring True Friends

Jan 27, 2021 | Friends, Reserves, Sapelo Island, Georgia

Coastal communities depend on their local Reserves, and Reserves depend on their friends. In October, the Friends of Sapelo Island Reserve in Georgia held a small ceremony dedicating a restored beach pavilion to two true friends to the Reserve, Linda and J.D. Daniels. 

The Daniels were honored for more than 20 years of service to the Sapelo Island Reserve. Before stepping down last fall, Linda had served as the FOS volunteer coordinator for many of those 20 years.

 Sapelo Island Education Coordinator Adam Mackinnon observes: “It does not happen very often that one feels like you are taken into another person’s family, but I did with Linda and JD. They have been advisors and friends to me, and I certainly view them as family. ”

NERRA is grateful to Linda and JD for all they have contributed to the Sapelo Island Reserve, and for making every member of their local friends group feel welcome. Linda’s leadership as volunteer coordinator will be greatly missed, but we take comfort in the fact they will still be involved in Friends of Sapelo.

FriendsHonoring True Friends