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Hurray for He’eia!

Mar 20, 2019 | Congressional Champions, He‘eia, Hawai'i, Reserves

From left to right: Lisa Auermuller, President of NERRA; Nicole Le Boeuf, Acting Director National Ocean Service; Kristina Kekuewa, Office for Coastal Management; Kawika Winter, PhD, Manager, Heeia Reserve; Leo Asuncion, State of Hawai’i; Rebecca Roth, NERRA Executive Director; James Chang, Senator Schatz’s office (front).

NERRA joined our partners at NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management to offer a special thanks to Senator Brian Schatz (HI), James Chang, staff to Senator Schatz, Kolo Rathburn from the Department of Commerce, and Leo Asuncion, State of Hawaii. Their collective work was key to establishing the He’eia Reserve in Hawaii—the newest Reserve in our system and already a respected convener of projects and programs that integrate the latest science with ancestral wisdom.

“Our national program is stronger today because of the He’eia Reserve designation, and we have heroes like you to thank for it. Welcome to the family!” said NERRA President Lisa Auermuller speaking to the honorees.

Both Mr. Chang and  Mr. Rathburn understood the national benefit of the NERRS. They  were committed to furthering the successes of the program by not only calling for a Blue Ribbon Panel study of the system, but by also working to secure additional funding for program and its newly designated 29th Reserve.

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Congressional ChampionsHurray for He’eia!