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Jess Waters

Communications Consultant

Jess is a communications consultant for the National Estuarine Research reserve Association. As a member of the team at Roca Communications+, she enthusiastically provides communications, planning, and group process services for NERRA and other clients in coastal and oceanic management.

Her introduction to the NERRS system was as a grant-based Coastal Training Program aide at New Hampshire’s Great Bay Reserve in 2018, where she fell in love with Reserves and their multi-front approach to coastal resilience. Her background is in scientific and medical communications, where she specialized in patient advocacy. She brings that passion for human advocacy to her work with the coasts and the people who live and work there.

Shortly after entering the coastal world professionally, Jess learned how to swim for the first time. Her summer afternoons are now spent swimming in the tidal rivers that surround Great Bay, where she lives.

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StaffJess Waters