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New Knauss Fellows Welcomed to the Family

Mar 20, 2019 | Congressional Champions, Informed Citizens, Reserves

The Knauss Fellowship Program hosts an impressive array of young coastal stewards and advocates. NERRA welcomed the 2019 cohort as part of Capitol Hill Coast Day

We kicked off Capitol Hill Coast day with a warm welcome to the new cohort of Knauss Fellows who have stepped up to help us deliver meaningful science and services to our nation’s coastal communities.

“The Knauss Fellows are always an impressive group, and the class of 2019 is no exception,” says Rebecca Roth, NERRA’s executive director. “It is inspiring to see this talented group of young professionals apply their academic knowledge to help solve real world problems faced by coastal and ocean programs like the NERRS.”

Hosted by NERRA and our partners at the National Association of Counties and the Coastal States Organization, the event attracted more than 25 legislative- and executive-placed fellows.  They received an introduction to coastal zone management programs, the work of the counties, and NOAA’s Digital Coast platform, which is packed with tools and resources the interns can use in their work.

“Growing up near the coast I was able to see firsthand the opportunities and issues these dynamic environments present every day,”  says Christine Hirt, Marine Policy Fellow. “I’m so excited to be a SeaGrant Knauss Fellow because I want to work towards finding economically viable and socially acceptable solutions to our nation’s most pressing coastal needs.The Office for Coastal Management is a great place for me to begin understanding how our government works to protect residents, the coastal economy, and our natural resources.”

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Congressional ChampionsNew Knauss Fellows Welcomed to the Family