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Reserve Gets Gold Star

Nov 26, 2021 | Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, Reserves

The Chesapeake Bay Maryland Reserve received the Gold Star Award from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program for its extraordinary work as a partner committed to maintaining the environmental integrity of the Coastal Bays watershed. The experience and expertise of Kyle Derby, Research Coordinator for the Reserve, made the collaboration possible.

“Kyle brought his extensive technical knowledge of surface elevation tables (SETs) to the team as a tool to understand the impacts of sea level rise on marsh elevation and health,” says Jennifer Raulin, manager of the Reserve. “He’s also a fantastic teacher who can distill high level scientific information in an approachable, humorous, and memorable way.”

The Reserve helped install SETs to monitor wetland elevation change in the northern portion of Coastal Bays. This has enabled the Maryland Coastal Bays Program—one of 28 National Estuary Programs—to expand their tidal marsh monitoring and make their overall program more robust. 

“Kyle led the effort with Reserve staff to work with our state’s National Estuary Program to educate and train on the siting, installation, and monitoring of SETs;” says Raulin. “As a result we have an extended network of long-term monitoring sites that will give us a better picture of how Maryland’s marshes are changing over time. This collaboration was a perfect fit for the capacity of our Reserve and the NERRS.

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