Sweet Georgia Shrimp

Dec 18, 2018 | Healthy Habitats, Sapelo Island, Georgia

 Photos courtesy Sapelo Island Reserve.

Coastal Georgians love their white shrimp and for good reason.

Boiled, fried, or sauced—these delicious shellfish are a highlight for hungry diners at hundreds of restaurants from Savannah to St. Mary’s. They are also a critical resource for the local shrimping industry and the economies of local communities. The Town of Darien’s  “Blessing of the kicks off shrimping season and is one of the largest celebration of local traditions and culture in Georgia’s McIntosh County each year.

For the staff at our Sapelo Island Reserve, an abundance of white shrimp is a testimony to the health and integrity of Georgia’s estuaries. After spawning season, young shrimp head for the waters of coastal marshes for the summer to feed and grow before heading back out to sea in the fall.

Thank you, white shrimp! Your abundance along the Georgia Coast inspires us to work harder to meet the challenges ahead for 2019.

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