Thank You, Lobsters!

Jan 10, 2019 | Healthy Habitats, Wells, Maine

 Photos courtesy Wells Reserve.

From our Wells Reserve in southern Maine come some fighting words: Is there anything better than steamed American lobster served with drawn butter, Maine-grown corn on the cob, Maine potatoes, and Maine blueberry pie?

While our colleagues at Reserves known for providing habitat for white shrimp or cojo salmon might take issue with that claim, no one can dispute that lobsters are VIP residents of Maine’s estuaries.

Once so plentiful, they were known as the ‘poor man’s chicken,’ lobsters have become a luxury menu item. They represent the largest fishery in Maine and one of the most successful commercial fisheries in the world, generating about $500 million per year and feeding Maine’s $9 billion tourism industry. Catching, processing, and serving Maine lobster support thousands of Maine jobs.


These are just a few of the reasons Reserve staff appreciate lobster and work so hard to conduct research, education, and conservation programs to understand and protect this important crustacean and its estuary habitats. Healthy estuaries, like those protected by the Wells Reserve, create a safe haven for lobsters to forage and grow.

Thank you, Lobster! Your abundance in the waters of Maine inspires us to work harder to meet the challenges of 2019. 

Have you had an encounter with lobster or another critter at one of our Reserves? We’d love to hear about it! Share your Reserve story.


Wells Reserve Executive Directpr Paul Dest (center) serves up a Maine lobster feast for lucky NERRA auction winners Gale Peek from NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management and her husband John.

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