Top 5 Sweetest #IHeartEstuaries Valentines

Feb 23, 2021 | Get Involved, I Heart Estuaries, Reserves

Jen Plunkett at South Carolina’s North Inlet-Winyah Bay shows #IHeartEstuaries some love.

This month, estuary lovers shared why they say #iheartestuaries across the NERRS and beyond. We are so grateful NERRds aren’t shy to share their estuary love. Together with our partners at the Association of National Estuary Programs, and Restore America’s Estuaries, we reached more than 40,000 people to share what makes these places special and why programs like the NERRS are so important. So many messages were so incredibly sweet, we’re sharing just a few of our favorites here. If you want to really relive the warm-and-fuzzy glow of #iheartestuaries, you can follow the hashtag on Twitter here

Most importantly of all, Congress heard from you! You broke out the hashtag for all kinds of reasons: the educational opportunities, the childhood memories, the calming nature, restoration successes, and your love for the wildlife that call estuaries home. You even stood out in the cold and looked a bit silly for the occasion. Thanks to everyone who participated for melting our hearts.

1. Scripps Institution of Oceanography wrote a mushy marshy poem.

2. …and another estuary lover did too! (Thanks Jane!)

3. Virtual Reserve Programs got a shout-out from the PEW Trusts.

4. New Hampshire Congresswoman Shaheen treasured her estuary.

5. JCNERR staff put together a video of all the reasons they say #IHeartEstuaries.

Reserve staff at Great Bay Reserve show some #IHeartEstuaries commitment. 

Get InvolvedTop 5 Sweetest #IHeartEstuaries Valentines