Virtual Lab Tours at ACE Basin

Apr 16, 2020 | ACE Basin, South Carolina, Earth Day, Reserves, Students

Through virtual programming, marine scientists at South Carolina’s ACE Basin Reserve reach students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the estuary.

Inspiring future STEM students with fish science? Nothing fishy about that! 

South Carolina’s ACE Basin Reserve is making sure all kinds of students—regardless of their access to the outdoors—get a firsthand look at marine science with virtual laboratory tours. They get to observe a fish dissection, learn how different scientific tools are used, and ask a marine biologist questions about their field. They even get a peek behind the scenes of the South Carolina Reef Fish Survey, a fish monitoring program whose data supports the state’s $21.5 million fisheries. 

The virtual tours program was designed to reach students and classrooms who lack access to laboratory experiences. It promotes coastal science to students who are traditionally underrepresented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and may have little knowledge of career opportunities in marine or environmental science.

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