Wet Feet & Big Smiles at the Hudson River Reserve

Oct 15, 2017 | Hudson River, New York

Teachers on the Estuary—readying to explore the Hudson River Reserve and dig into the mud! Photos courtesy of Chris Bowser.
The Hudson River Reserve recently hosted 15 teachers and educators at the Norrie Point Environmental Center for a six-hour workshop focused on climate change education. Educators learned about cutting edge climate research, solved data puzzles using real-time estuary monitoring systems, and measured potential sea level rise at the center.
Educatorsmeasuring future estuary elevations.
The reserve also teamed up with the Department of Education’s Five-Rivers Environmental Center and Estuary Program to deliver a Teachers on the Estuary Program (TOTE) called Wild About Wetlands. Seventeen classroom teachers and educators participated in classroom components centered on the whats, whys, and hows of wetlands, with topics including ecosystem services, biodiversity, and conservation.

Then they took to the field and collected and identified invertebrates from local wetlands, seined for estuary life, and re-planted submerged aquatic vegetation that has been grown in local classrooms. By canoe they explored several types of tidal wetlands, studied marsh ecology and plant life, and were treated to amazing displays of bald eagles and hunting ospreys. They filled out the activities with a wetlands music workshop, a relaxing campfire, professional sharing, and lots of wet feet and big smiles.

Teachers seining and fish ID’g at Nutten Hook at the Hudson River Reserve.
ReservesHudson River, New YorkWet Feet & Big Smiles at the Hudson River Reserve