Where the Land Meets the Sea

Apr 30, 2020 | Reserves, Wells, Maine, What We Work For

“Perhaps, like me, you feel that the salt of our coast is alive in your very cells—that you belong to it.” Poet Megan Grumbling, who has a generational connection to Maine’s Wells Reserve, is overflowing with gratitude for the coast and the people who help protect it.

Megan Grumbling is a Maine poet, writer, and teacher. She grew up along the headwater streams that feed the Wells Reserve’s estuaries—and are the source of the appreciation and inspiration she finds in the natural world.

Her father, Dr. Owen Grumbling, was one of the founders of Maine’s Wells Reserve in the early 1980s. The founder and first chair of the Reserve’s Education Advisory Committee, Dr. Grumbling went on to protect more than a thousand acres of land in the Reserve’s three watersheds as the Chair of the Wells Conservation Commission.

As part of their 50th anniversary celebration, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust—one of Wells Reserve’s key conservation partners—collaborated with Megan to produce a video essay to mark the occasion

For those who love Maine’s Reserve, and coasts and estuaries everywhere, these images and words reinforce what we do everyday and the love we have for these special places.


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